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Brooktondale, New York, United States

Scottland Yard began with 1 acre and a dream! That's SCOTTland Yard, not Scotland Yard ;)The owners Andrea and Duane Scott built their farm and raised their family of 6 children here and now have 27 grandchildren. They built this beautiful space a few acres at a time. The artistry and creative talent of this landscaper and artist are apparent throughout the property. The Scotts have created an enchanted space for all to enjoy.

The farm is home to horses, sheep, peacocks and chickens. In the center of the glamps and cottages is a gorgeous natural pool complete with waterfalls and diving platforms. There are miles of trails for hiking behind the pastures and gorgeous vistas at every turn.

Andrea and Duane are world travelers who have brought treasures from their adventures back to Scottland Yard and incorporated them into the landscape and interior design of the glamps and cottages. Each space is unique in its design and function. Have fun checking them out on the website to find your special retreat!

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